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RESTAURANTS: It’s stated that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  This idiom doesn’t apply to men.  Put a well cooked, well presented meal that she didn’t have to prepare, in front of a woman and you’re half way to beating her soul.  Especially if an extraordinary dessert follows the meal, such as milk chocolate hazelnut tart or raspberry chocolate coupe. click

Every city in the world has restaurants which may be divided into three kinds: the dives, the family restaurant and the elegant dining rooms where eating is an experience to be savored.  It was just a matter of time before some souls announced themselves culinary experts, and earned reputations.  They are both respected and feared as they create lists of the top restaurants in the world and lists of the worst restaurant in the world.  One of the most recognized restaurant guides for international restaurants is that the Zagat guide, also famous for its numerous citations in the book and movie version of American Psycho.

In New York one of the best restaurants, referred to as an “in-vogue lounge”, is The Rein Bar and Bistro.  The décor is warm and sophisticated in addition to pleasantly eclectic in its use of color and texture.  The restaurant is situated just left of the main lobby of the Garden City Hotel.  The cuisine is Continental and American.  The Rein is available for breakfast, lunch, and supper seven days a week.  They supply nightly entertainment and a menu for the night owls or workaholics of New York.

The executive chef of the Rein is classically trained Steven De Bruyn, who specializes in breakfasts which range from Norwegian salmon to challah French toast.  His appetizers include chicken wings with blue cheese, apple, and celery jicama as well as goat cheese tart with arugula salad and walnuts, onions and balsamic vinaigrette.  Main meals differ from guava barbecue chicken that is exotic to ginger marinated grilled shrimp.

The Tamarind Restaurants was the first restaurant to receive a Michelin Star in 2000.  To date, it’s the only restaurant in the UK to have held it for five years and to have received a Star.  They use only the freshest ingredients in making their exotic Indian dishes.  They are well known for their attentive service, while their patrons never want for anything.

Rajesh Suri has been with the Tamarind and is currently the General Manager.  He can recommend the finest wines and is an expert on wine and food.  He has been credited with helping its Michelin Star to be retained by the Tamarind for long and as is experienced in the food industry.  Rajesh has won his fair share of awards, including Restaurants Personality of the Year for 2003, given by Best Front of House Manager for 2002 and 2001, as well as Best of Britain Awards.Just two blocks are the Hotel Atlante Star.  The 6th floor of the hotel plays host to the magnificent Roof Garden Restaurants”Les Etoiles”, which provides a 360 degree, panoramic view of the town.  The view is as picturesque no matter where you happen to be seated, although seating is available inside and outside to match the changing seasons. click

The cuisine on offer at Les Etoiles is traditional Italian fare together with culinary ideas that are creative and innovative.  All components are fresh and natural.  The menu at the restaurants varies according to the seasons and what produce is available.  The ingredients in the dishes are chosen for how flavors are balanced by them or their textures.  Some examples of this approach to cooking include artichokes stuffed with ricotta and pecorino cheese and Venetian-style risotto with squid ink.

France as a nation is legendary for its culinary skills.  Its well-trained and talented chefs are in great demand all around the world.  When it comes to fine dining Paris is a city with culinary variety.  Shining through all of the brilliance of its rivals, the Le Meurice sparkles with centuries of luxury and Parisian confidence.

There are many clever and often quoted adages regarding the eating of food(restaurants) is a joyous occasion; one to be celebrated and shared with loved ones; you and savored.  There are many that involve popping a box meal in the fridge, plonking yourself in front of the TV while your eyes glaze over, to wolf it down and your brain falls asleep.  You need not travel to Rome or Paris to enjoy a meal.  Any place where the service is great, the atmosphere is comfortable and the food melts in your mouth will be worth the visit.  If your idea of a great place to eat out is where you can wear beach shorts, no shoes and the food comes wrapped in paper, lift your beer in the atmosphere because this toast is to you.

List of restaurants around the world:

  1. Eleven Madison Park (Best Restaurants)-


    Do you ever find yourself eating at the #1 rated restaurants in the world, having just finished your middle course–then looking around at everyone’s orgasmic faces, and you’re wondering if they’re having the same meal as you because why don’t you too, have the same orgasmic face?

    I dined here in April 2017, just before they shut down for renovations, and they were doing the “Best of EMP” menu, where they showcased all the best dishes from their years of service. Imagine the “Now That’s What I Call Music!” CDs and how they highlighted the greatest hits of a certain era. It was akin to that, but only with EMP courses(restaurants). And much like those CDs, I inflate my expectations that are doomed to never be met.

    They had some GREAT dishes–the Sea Urchin, Carrot Tartare, and the Milk & Honey (although I should note that no one else shared my sentiment about that last one). The Foie Gras was the SINGLE best foie gras I’ve ever had–even raising a candle to ones I’ve had in Paris. However, I couldn’t help but notice some of the dishes were just so intricately executed, yet they were lacking in flavor. Here at EMP, there’s no such thing as “Less is more.” For example, the roasted suckling pig was just as good

    What makes it Unique: It Is the perfect of outstanding partnership hospitality and exquisite food in an iconic Atmosphere in New York that makes Eleven Madison Park That the No.1 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Will Guidara and Daniel Humm have put their lives into breaking down the walls between kitchen and dining room?

  2. Osteria Francescana –


    What makes it unique: Osteria Francescana is the gem of Italian gastronomy that climbed to the top of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. But it could have been very different — after locals were resistant to Bottura way of 29, in its early days, the restaurant nearly closed.

  3. El Celler de Can Roca –


    “Positioned the #1 Best Restaurants in the World? That must be immaculate build up right? I mean it can’t generally be that great.”

    Yes. It is definitely not. It is.

    Reservations open up 11 months ahead of time, and on the off chance that you will be in the region you completely should book if conceivable. On the off chance that you don’t tend to design your get-aways very nearly a year ahead, at that point you should quickly agree to accept the shortlist and wheedle and beg your charge card attendant and do whatever else it takes to catch a table at this exceptionally commended eatery.

    Served inside a structurally eminent scene, El Cellar de Can Roca(one of the best restaurants) conveys culinary flawlessness and perfect administration. It is each piece the top of the line encounter every other eatery should try to accomplish. The nourishment is obviously unbelievable, capricious, and immaculate, however, it is more than that. At this point I’ve eaten at many Michelin-featured eateries and keeping in mind that each bragged a few dishes everlastingly engraved on my memory, not very many figures out how to emerge so much I can review various courses from the dinner

    It is situated in the city of Girona in Catalunya which is inNorthern Spain. The restaurants moved just up the road from its original location to its site — an airy, space complete with a kitchen that was massive.

  4. China Lane –


    Continue the culinary theme at this fashionable restaurants becoming one of the favorites of the city. The owners recommend dishes like roasted pork belly and the wagyu beef chin and will show you to your seat in the dining area.  Before heading back to one of the best hotels in Sydney you can enjoy an authentic beverage and dessert.

  5. Merah Putih:


    Merah Putih has taken the customary Indonesian nourishment to another level. At the point when in Bali we want to have the customary nourishment so we requested from their conventional menus and Merah Putih(restaurants) has demonstrated that their idea of fine feasting can fit in exceptionally well with the credibility of the customary sustenance and present them surprisingly better (read: delectable, clean taste, also the dishes look beautiful). The general atmosphere is kinda unwinding however despite everything it gives you the vibes that you may be there on an uncommon event (i.e to commend birthday supper or on a sentimental supper date). The administration is magnificent, the staff is useful and mindful. Combining traditional cuisine the boundaries are pushed by Merah Putih(restaurants) and showcase the diversity of culture and heritage. High-quality components flavors and an emphasis on family-style dining make Merah Putih an authentic and dining experience that is personal.

  6. Central –


    The menu of the restaurants: Diners can expect a colorful journey through Peruvian cuisine, taking in some better-known dishes such as ceviche when presenting several exotic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that most customers won’t have heard of — let alone be able to pronounce.

  7. Braza Churrascaria-(Best Restaurants)


    It ‘s worth making the trip to this fantastic restaurants if you fancy something a bit different. You’ll be able to enjoy some refreshing and cool cocktails while deciding which of these amazing foods to try.  The Carrasco skewered meats are especially recommended; nevertheless, you might be tempted by one of the sourced vegetarian dishes.

  8. Per Seper-

    This is one of the most popular restaurants on the planet. It is located in Manhattan, New York and is currently the most expensive restaurants on the planet.  It is owned by Thomas Keller.  It serves dishes like:
  • Oysters and pearls
  • Lamb chops
  • Pave of Maine bluefin tuna
  • Slowly poached duck foie grass
  • Grilled MiyazakiWagyu
  • Petite sorrel and Greek yogurt
  • Royal Kaluga caviar

Per Se may be expensive but it’s worth every dime.

  1. Urasawa –


Urasawa is a restaurant located in Beverly Hills, California.  It ranks second as the most expensive restaurants in the world and serves traditional foods.  Each guest should spend here.

  1. Kyo AjiKyo Aji  –


    Kyo Aji is known as one of the best kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo, and the owner, Kenichiro Nishi, has even had his name appear in the gourmet-focused ‘Oishinbo’ manga series. The restaurant offers delicate dishes using unique Japanese ingredients such as hamo (conger), ko Nowata (salted sea cucumber intestines), zuiki and soft roe of sea bream. A popular way to finish off a meal is with harasu Gohan (rice with fish belly). Reservations fill up as far as one or two months ahead, but if you’re lucky enough to get one for a counter seat, you might get a chance to have a nice chat with Nishi himself. This is one of the best restaurants in Tokyo. It has a very simple exterior and inside but the food is amazing.  They serve tempura with tai skin that is crispy fried Jago, Hokkaido sweet corn, and other interesting dishes.

  2. Restaurants Schloss Schauenstein –


    This is one of the best restaurants in the world, which is located close to the Italian border in Furnstenau, Switzerland. The Swiss chef Andreas Caminada that was great manages it.  The restaurant serves delicious dishes like vegetables and belly.

    Our tasting menus were best from the begin to the end. The palace is a la mode, however, keeps his medieval appeal. The determination of a mouse bouches and the franchises beats most noteworthy models.

    A vibe of tastes and flavors.

    Try not to miss the additional unexpected course you can alternatively arrange toward the start of your feast.

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